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I’m looking forward to the Japanese Film Festival this year since I haven’t gone to the Eiga Sai last year. 😀 I was able to get the schedule from Laryh’s Multiply account. The film fest already started last week at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and the last day of screening will be tomorrow (June 26). Next week, from July 2 to July 5, you may catch the film fest at UP Film Institute in UP Diliman, Quezon City. The final run of the film fest will be held at the CCP Dream Theater (July 4 to July 8). I’m really looking forward to watching this film in July 7 since it’s a Saturday 😀 . And of course, I’m looking forward to watch a free non-Hollywood movie.

The films that will be shown in this year’s Eiga Sai are (for the July 7 schedule):

4:00 PM Gaichu (Engish title: Harmful Insect)
Harmful Insect is directed by Akihiko Shiota. According to an IMDB user review, this film shows patriarchy in modern day Japan and the story revolves around a school girl Sachiko Kita (portrayed by Aoi Miyazaki). You can check out some screenshots here.

7:00 PM Chirusoku no natsu (English title: The Stars Converge)
The Stars Converge is directed by Kiyoshi Sasabe. The movie is about the story of Ikuko (Yuri Mizutani), a participant in a track and field meet in Pusan, South Korea where she meets South Korean An Tei Hou (Junpei). In short, they would be separated by distance but will be reunited in the end. 😀

I’m thinking of watching Gaichu instead of Chirusoko no natsu. The Stars Converge seems to be just like any other love story.

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