eBay Find: 80GB MP3 Hard disk

I was searching for mobile hard disks in eBay. One particular listing got my attention. It has a subject heading 80GB MP3 Hard Drive for Business. The item has a starting bid of 12,000 Pesos and is being sold for 13,000 Pesos. I read the description of the item and the seller claims that it is loaded with 15,200 songs. Aside from the mp3s, other goodies are also included (tutorials and other stuff). However this listing promotes piracy and we all know that this is against the user rights agreement of eBay.

“Potentially Infringing” means that items may be in violation of certain copyrights, trademarks or other rights. For your protection, some items here are not allowed (“prohibited”), regardless of the legality of these particular items, because they almost always violate copyright or trademark laws.

The said hard disk contains 15,200 songs. Of course, these songs are owned by the respective artists. I wonder if this listing has caught the attention of eBay moderators especially that the listing encourages to use piracy as a business.

The seller should have made a business plan out of it. 😀

If the one who’s going to buy this could sell 10 CDs per day:

50 Pesos (unit cost of one burned CD) x 10 burned CDs x 30 days x 12 months = 180,000 pesos gross income

Costs that will be deducted from this are the blank CD-Rs, the CD cases, electricity, internet connection, and PC maintenance.

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