Drinking Sake

Sachiko of Blogkadahan who came here in the Philippines for a short vacation introduced along with the other Blogging Berks the drinking of Sake (pronounced as sah-keh). Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage that is brewed from rice. It is clear and it has something in it that appears to be glitters that are yellow gold in color. Even before I was able to drink Sake, I’ve become acquainted with it through some of the Japanese films that I have watched. The Sake that they brought was fresh from Japan and we had a taste of it at Recipes in Greenbelt where we had our dinner. The perfect “pulutan” for Sake is Chicharong Bulaklak with vinegar and red chilli pepper as the condiment. The alcoholic content of Sake is bigger than that of the alcoholic content of beer. San Miguel Beer Light in particular has five percent alcoholic content while Sake has around 14 percent of alcoholic content. If the drinks were given in a shot glass, roughly, I’ve had six to eight shots of Sake. If ever my cousin who’s working in Japan would go home for a vacation, I’d ask him to bring some Sake.

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