Dear Manang Bola

Here is the first part of the Dear (insert name here) series. Apparently, this is the effect of drinking Ginebra GSM Blue with pineapple juice as chaser and some wine. Our letter sender for today is depressed for the reason that guys would walk away from her after seeing her.

Dear Manang Bola,

I am 28 years old from Alabang gilid. Everytime I go to the beach and wear two-piece guys will walk away from me. Actually, this also happens even if I’m just in my casual wear. I noticed that they are not looking at my face but at my breasts instead just right before they walk away.

Does this mean that I need to have breast augmentation? If you could give me some breast augmentation information I’d be so thankful for that.

Alabang Gilider

Here’s Manang Bola’s reply to Alabang Gilider.

Dear Alabang Gilider,

First and foremost, you have a lame alias. You could have thought something like Hot Babe or whatever. Anyway, you do not need breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is for ramp models that are frustrated porn stars! Send me your picture so that I could give you a better assessment and advice as well. Better yet, come and visit my office.

Manang Bola

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