Davao Trip Day 2

Philippine Eagle Center

This is yet a long overdue post that was so delayed because of my excitement with the Eraserheads concert. Anyway, on our 2nd day at Davao, we had a tour around. Melo contacted someone to rent a van (with a driver of course) to use for the whole day. We first had a heavy breakfast at McDonald’s.

Lawin (Hawk) at the Philippine Eagle Center

Then, we went to Malagos water park to go to the Philippine Eagle Center. Entrance fee to the water park is 5 pesos while the entrance fee to the Philippine Eagle Center is 50 pesos. Before we got inside the Philippine Eagle Center perimeter, we were welcomed by a hawk. And this cat accompanied us while we were walking. 😀

It’s my first time at the Philippine Eagle Center and I was impressed with their customer lounge. Actually, it’s more appropriate to call it as visitor’s lounge. Anyway, they sell drinks there and some food as well. There’s a souvenir shop also. In addition, you have to pay the entrance fee there also.

Friends from Philippine

When we got inside the perimeter, we were as if walking on a path similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 😀 I saw this interesting engraving on the path and of course, I took a picture of it. 😀 Aside from eagles, and hawks and other winged animals except for bats, we saw a crocodile who looks like he/she had a lockjaw, a monkey who wants to get out of the cage, and a lazy boar.

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle

There is only one Philippine eagle that’s not inside a cage. Anyway, when we got there he was eating his lunch and the eagle feels that it’s his/her duty to pose with the cameras in front of him/her. For those who are bring SLR type of either film or digital cameras, 18-55mm lens won’t be good enough. A telephoto lens is highly recommended for you to bring with.

Flowers in Malagos Garden Resort

After touring the Philippine Eagle Center, we headed to Malagos Garden Resort. We took some photos of the orchids there and other flowers located in the greenhouse. Then, we went to Liza’s Dampa for lunch. Then, we went to Davao Baywalk and Park for a photo op. 😀

Statue of David in Davao Baywalk and Park
Statue of David at the Davao Baywalk and Park

The most controversial statue in Davao is found at Davao Baywalk and Park. The said statue is the Statue of David. The park is not yet 100 percent finished though there’s a mini zoo there where we saw a few ostriches and some turkeys. 😀 Aside from that, there’s an aquarium there that has sharks inside.

Durian Candies and more at Linda's

Then, we bought some pasalubong at Linda’s. I bought a lot of durian candies, mangosteen and ube as well. It tastes really good. If you get inside, you’ll also see an ukay-ukay of some sort there. 🙂 The store also offers free taste of their durian candies. 🙂 Then, we went to another pasalubong center just across Ateneo de Davao where Marc feasted over suha and bought 2 boxes. 😀 Then, we went to Magsaysay so that Melo and Eric can have their durian fix. 😀

After that, we headed back to Ponce and took a rest first before having dinner at Honeybear Chicken Haus. And I was able to check my e-mail there. Thanks to the free WiFi. 😀

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