Cutting Edge’s Christmas Gift to you: Dayo

I was amongst the first bloggers who got to see the first screening of Dayo. The premiere night was held last Friday at SM Megamall Cinema 10. There were a lot of kids as expected during the premiere night. 🙂 Watch them today and until the last showing at theaters nationwide. 🙂

The Story
The movie is a typical quest/adventure story where the boy has to retrieve three items to save his grandparents. But what makes it unique and more interesting is the Filipino culture that’s seen in the film.

The Animation
I’m amazed with the effort that has been put to by the artists especially with the animation of the characters in the film. It surely requires a lot of detail especially with the characters from the world of Elementalia. The production was done in two years and if the time put to the production was longer, the other visual parts of the movie could have been better.

The Voices
Nash Aguas plays the lead role which fits the character of Bubuy. Pokwang and Michael V. (as Narsi – the narcissistic Tikbalang) never failed me to laugh. Of course, the Mike Enriquez sounds like character has definitely become a favorite by most of the spectators of the film during that night. Director Laurice Guillen did a brilliant job. 🙂

Watch out for the other two parts of the film. They’ll be coming up with a trilogy

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