Conversations over Coffee

Yesterday afternoon, I hanged out with some of my friends at Starbucks Taft. Paul was there ranting about his audio CD that he recently bought and was wondering why the heck they still yet have a lot of stocks of that particular CD even if that CD contains songs of Sheryl Crow, David Bowie and the like. As usual, he had his portable audio CD player with him (where people call it as a Discman even if its brand is Panasonic and it should not be called discman if it is a Panasonic because Discman is a brand owned by Sony).

Then, they were talking about the guy behind me. They said that he looked like a Yakuza of some sort. In case you don’t know, Yakuza is the counterpart of Mafia in Japan and in case you’re from DLSU taking up MFI, please, do not be confused because I am not talking about that particular organization in DLSU. The guy is not a typical Japanese guy. He wore sunglasses and a white long-sleeved polo shirt. The sleeves were rolled up and his polo shirt is half-open. He was surrounded by three girls. Well, not little girls but girls that are about half his age. Then, my friend said that he was sure that he has an enormous tattoo of a cherry blossom on his back.

Afterwards, we were having some conversations on movies. We were talking about Before Sunset. He was telling us that he saw this particular movie and that the movie is simple and is more of philosophical. And this kind of movie will not give you the ending. It’s up to you what should be the ending of the film. If you think that Ethan Hawke will stay, then you’re a romantic. But if you think that Ethan Hawke will not stay, then you’re a cynic. It’s really good to have conversations like this other than looking for some people who instantly had a moustache after drinking coffee.

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