Coffee Time

Starbucks Customer Appreciation at 6750 branch

I went to the Starbucks Customer Appreciation this afternoon. Thanks to the invite that Shey gave me. I arrived there around 5pm and there were already many people. Outside the establishment, they were giving away free espresso drinks. As I walked inside, they were also serving cookies. I got one and it goes well with the espresso thus, no sugar is needed. I immediately went to the counter to get my free drink which was my ulterior motive of going there. In fact, I had no intention of buying some items there which they offer at 10 percent off the tag price but I end up buying one because I do not have a Christmas gift for myself yet. I bought myself a tumbler where you could customize its look by putting all the cheesy photographic memories on it. Then, I got another free drink which I will use sometime soon when I have another craving for coffee.

After that, I decided to go to Tower Records for my usual soundtripping. However, I was not able to do my thing there. I ended up browsing at the some items (books about some bands and other one-hit-wonder-artists) there that are worth 100 pesos. I bought a Manic Street Preachers book. While you are online, you could hear some of their audio snippets if you have a Real Player installed in your computer.

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