Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar at World Trade Center

My father and I were supposed to go to the International Bazaar where you could buy a one year supply of Spam and chocolates that could boost up your sugar levels. By the time we got at PICC, we asked the guard if it’s the venue of the International Bazaar. The guard said yes and told my father to park at Gate 3. I just stayed in front of the PICC entrance which brought some memories of my Graduation day that was held a month ago. This also reminded me that I am a bum for a month, running errands for my Mom, my brother, helping my sister with her reaction papers, updating the website of my Dad, and the list goes on. Then, Dad came back again, went out of the car and talked to the guard. He said that he was told by the guard from Gate 3 that only Exhibitors are allowed inside and Guests will only be allowed to go in on November 30. And this is quite confusing because I received an e-mail from one of the exhibitors of the International Bazaar saying that the date of the said event is November 29. So, we decided to go to the Christmas Bazaar instead which is held at the World Trade Center.

As we walked inside, Dad told me that it’s gonna be the last Christmas that he will be giving me some cash so that I could buy something for myself and buy some gifts as well. I bought my nephews a Spider-man action figure which would constanly remind me of BatJay’s blog, Where in the World is Spider-man. And another dinosaur toy where you put batteries inside and press some button so that it could walk and terrify my nephews. Its box reminded me of the hit dinosaur movie Jurassic Park.

Also, there were lots of Spongebob stuff there, boxers, keychains, stuffed toys, etc. What caught my attention in the bazaar are the Mr. Bean items. I saw his ever huggable teddy bear. I was tempted to buy one but that’s not my priority.

After roaming around the bazaar grounds for hours, we went to SM Bicutan to have some pictures developed and Dad was going to continue his shopping there. When I was waiting for my Dad just in front of the grocery, I bumped into my former high school teacher Ms. Macaranas. She was our Math teacher and one of our advisers in our organization.

When we got home, my sister ransacked the goodies and she was looking for the shirts that I bought for her. I guess she wants to save Mother Earth by not letting me wrap her gift with a gift wrapper.

It’s a good thing that I’m done with my shopping already. All I need to do is to wrap them up and place it under the Christmas tree and to hide the presents from the sight of my nephews.

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