Bye Lola

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It has been a week since Lola Pining passed away. I remember when we were still kids, Lola was our guardian every time Dad went out of town for work. It has been always like that until we became older. Lola would usually pour her cup of coffee on her rice during breakfast which I think some may find weird like when I dipped pandesal into my glass of Coca-Cola.

I also did remember the times when Lola takes out her dentures, the times we spent with Lola every 24th of December, the last one was in the hospital. Anyway, during Lola’s 88th birthday celebration, I discovered that Punzi‘s mom is a friend of Lola. I remember posting on Twitter about Lola so when they came to the funeral parlor, they said that they got the information from the Internet. So, when I got back to the funeral parlor (I was not able to catch up with Punzi), my cousins told me that someone was looking for me and they told me that they found out about it in the internet. So, I had to explain to them the 6-degrees of separation and such.

Anyway, going back, I learned about Lola’s time when the helper of Tita Jean called. It was around 6am and I had to call Dad to inform him about it. I could not find the right words to say. I was thinking of a proper term to use but I just blurted out “wala na si lola”. I can feel that Dad was totally shocked about the news. I sent an SMS to my siblings after the call. I haven’t had so much sleep, I decided to sleep again and prepare myself to go to the wake.

It hadn’t sunk into me during the first four days. It sunk into me when Lola was about to be buried at the family mausoleum.

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