Bon Voyage to my Gig Buddy

Thanks to Eych for the photo!

The tall guy in the middle is one of my gig buddies. He just left yesterday for the Middle East. We will surely miss him.

AJ, who is known by the handle of Buttlestarscralatchtica (originated from an Incubus song), is one of my closest friends at Grabeh.Com‘s messageboards. He is certainly a good friend. I didn’t have an idea that the last time that we would go out is when we went to Xaymaca to watch Brownman Revival.

If I would give him a nickname other than AJ Yatot, he would be Mr. Spontaneous. It is because that usually, we really do not plan that we will be going to a gig on a certain day. Sometimes he would just text me and ask if I’ll be going to a gig. And there you go, AJ will also be on that gig with some friends too. Hehe! And the time when we had a drinking session at home. It was also unplanned.

AJ will surely be missed.

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