Blogkadahan Meet-up

We had a Blogging Berks meet-up earlier in Megamall. Those who were present aside from me are Batjay, Jet, Toni and Tito Rolly. We had dinner at Pot and Noodles. It is a Chinese restaurant famous for its hand-drawn noodles and it was my first time to eat there. I’ve noticed outside that some people would just stand outside the restaurant while they watch the cook do the noodle thing (for the lack of the proper term to say). I guess you are thinking that we had noodles there. No. We had Yang Chao, also known as Chao Fan or the classic Chinese fried rice that ones usually order in Chinese restaurants. We also had kangkong, squid and steamed fish fillet.

Coffee TimeAfter dinner, we had coffee at Starbucks. Thanks to Batjay for the treat! 🙂 All of them had coffee except for me. I ordered a hot chocolate instead because I already had coffee and having an extra coffee intake could further lead to palpitations. Hehehe. Aside from the hot drinks, we also had an Oreo Cheesecake and a Chocolate Torte. Starbucks’ Oreo Cheesecake is certainly a must try. Eating those kind of treats regularly should welcome you all to the diabetics club. Hehehe. 😀
One last reminder, never get an Oreo Cheesecake just before getting a
Toronto rhinoplasty
. You should do it after having such! 😀

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