Band Names

Me and some of my friends were hanging out at Starbucks Taft. We were playing mind games, and having our usual laugh trips after I reminded them of some establishment near Angelo King which will remind you of Princess Sarah, a Tagalized cartoon series at ABS-CBN some time ago. But it’s name is not Princess Sarah. It’s name is Emeng Guard and Ermenguard (a character from Princess Sarah) would suddenly pop out on your mind. Out of nowhere, Paul suddenly thought of Band names as our topic.

Here are the band names that we have thought of:

  • Rubber Band
  • Coupon Band
  • Mighty Band
  • James Band
  • Band of Brothers
  • Short Band
  • Long Band
  • Bandolph
  • Tutuband
  • Caraband
  • Cowabanda
  • Banding
  • Band Boys
  • Band Helsing
  • Band Halen
  • Ray-Band
  • Band Jovi
  • Band Voyage
  • Big Band Theory
  • Bandesal
  • Frying Band
  • Jaband
  • Bandladesh
  • Albanda
  • Laos (the name of the band that will surely be remembered and will gain success more than the Beatles did)
  • Banderitas (as suggested by Watson)
  • Bandecoco (thought of it suddenly)
  • Bandalism (as suggested by Tam)
  • Bandarito (as suggested by Doms)
  • Bandaroon (as suggested by Doms)
  • Bandurian (as suggested by Doms)
  • Shebands (as suggested by Doms)

Hehe! Any other ideas or suggestions?

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