Authentic T’boli guitar (Hegalong)

T'boli Guitar
T’boli Guitar (Hegalong)

I was able to buy an authentic T’boli guitar for only 600 pesos (near Ponce Apartments). I saw one being sold at for 2,500 pesos. However, the bidding ended already last month. The T’boli guitar has only two strings. The guitar is long, slender and it’s light when held. Joey Ayala uses the same kind of guitar that I bought.

Aside from Joey Ayala, Makiling (formerly Makiling Ensemble) is a band that also uses Hegalong.

How is it played?
On one string, pentatonic scales are used while the other one is played stagnant wherein it has only one note.

Other versions of the two-stringed guitars are: kuglong, faglong, kudyapi, and kusyapi. Each of which comes from different ethnic groups.

By the way, Gail also bought a T’boli guitar. 🙂

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