Anecdotes in Cebu

I was always on the look for funny signs and that started when I got a forwarded e-mail years ago on funny signs. Thus, I took the opportunity of taking the pictures of those signs so that I could share it with you. Even before we arrived at Cebu Pensione House, I saw a certain Korean restaurant just in front of it. If you happen to watch Korean telenovelas, then you’ll probably recognize it.

Yes my dear friends, it’s Winter Sonata and my younger sister watches it that’s why the bells rang when I saw it.

On our way to Cebu Light Industrial Park, we saw Androke’s Lechon Manok. And it’s lettering would instanly make you remember of Andok’s which also has a branch in Boracay. Too bad I was not able to take a picture of it. My camera was at the bottom of my bag and the taxi driver seemed to be having diarrhea. Hehehe.

I have also discovered in Cebu that Birhen Sa Regla does exist. It is synonymous to Our Lady of (put something here, i.e. Fatima). We just thought that the owner of the taxi was taking a volatile substance when he or she thought of the name.

When we were on our way to The Orginal AA Barbeque, we saw a KTV along Escario Street and it’s name is Wuzzup. And I really do not get how the hell to create a link between KTV and Wuzzup.

On our second day there, we had lunch at Robinson’s Cebu. As we were walking around the food court I saw this establishment:

Again, I took the rare opportunity to take such picture so that I could add it to my collection. Tiktilaok manok indeed! And in order for it to have more impact on you. Read Tiktilaok with feelings as if you were nature’s alarm clock.

In the evening, we headed to Ayala Center to have our dinner there. As we passed by the stalls just outside the mall, we saw an establishment with a name of MacJoy. Try to put Chicken in the middle of Mac and Joy and what do you get? Mac-Chicken-Joy! Maybe he or she loves both Jollibee and McDonald’s.

We went around the mall while looking for our other officemates. Then, there was a certain area of the mall that has a tiangge-like setup. We went there to check out some stuff. I saw an interesting magnet there and it says, “I went to Cebu Just to get this magnet!”. And of all the magnets that I have seen, that is the one magnet that I will buy and keep. Of course I didn’t bought the magnet. My budget was allotted only for Shamrock Otap, dried mangoes and danggit.

Afterwards, we headed to Jonie’s Flavored Chicken because we haven’t heard of Jonie’s in Manila. It’s like Kenny Rogers and Big Red Hen. As we sat down, I saw this on the bulletin board there:

Hmmm, does it look like a chicken to you? Half-chicken, half-duck? However, since their specialty is chicken, it must be a chicken only that it came from China. Hahaha! Look at the outfit of the “mascot” and you’ll understand me. Then, I’m not sure if the owner if he or she is indeed Catholic or not (see the picture below).

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