And there was light

Last Sunday morning, I attempted to call the Meralco 24-hour customer service hotline. And indeed it was a hotline. I can hear the Meralco jingle over and over. And to in order to free myself of its LSS-like-song characteristics, I put the phone down. Instead of boring myself to death on a Sunday afternoon, I went to the mall, met a friend there (who sent the picture below to me via bluetooth) and crashed gate a birthday party. Well, not really crashed gate a birthday party hehehe!


When I was on my way home and past by a street near our home, I thought that a home powered with electricity is waiting for me. But no, we weren’t part of the lucky winners of the electricity power up raffle bonanza. I was disappointed with the fact that it didn’t reach home. We only had electricity this Tuesday and that should explain that Monday is indeed a manic Monday. That’s almost one whole week of no electricity. Good thing that this problem has been resolved already.

Meanwhile, not everyone has electricity yet. And this is because that there are people that make money out of wires and cables. This is something that Meralco should anticipate so that they could replace the stolen wires and cables without waiting for people to report it to them.

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