All Star Cast

In reality, there is no such thing as an all-star cast. A perfect example would be the scene in the academe. You would remember that in some of your classes, there would be group projects. You expect that all your groupmates will work for the common good of the group. But then, there is no such thing as an all-star cast where all of your groupmates will accomplish whatever you ask them to do. There will always be at least one in your group that will continue to be a parasite that they get good grades without exerting much effort. There will always be at least one in your group that does not know what he or she should prioritize, either his friends or his responsibility in the group. I’d like to quote one of the people I know,

“Ang pag-aaral ay nakakasira ng barkada”

Thus, your principles in life also determine what your priorities are. Now, let me quote that most people in their graduating year said,

“Nakakasira ng pagkakaibigan ang thesis”

The friends being referred on the quotation above are those who are in the same thesis group. I have encountered different thesis groups where the members are five but those who are working hard in the group are only three people. The other two are just filling in the gap of five, thus, they are like the pseudo-groupmates. Some may attend regularly in the meeting but they are there physically and not mentally. They may probably think what time the meeting would end so that they could pack up their things and go to their gimmicks. Also, some may not always be present in the meeting yet the very simple job that was asked for them to do was not done as expected of them.

Based from observation and experience, there is no such thing as an all star cast. In the case of a bunch of grapes, all are not the same. There will be some that are not of the perfect taste and even the perfect shape.

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