Albums that I’ll buy in 2010 but released in 2009

peryodiko album

In the year 2009, a lot of albums by local artists were released. My favorite albums that I have already are: Peryodiko, and Travel Advisory (by Archipelago). I still have to listen yet to Us-2 Evil-0’s Dirty Debutantes and Urbandub’s The Apparition.

Fall Crash Infect by Zach Lucero

Zach and the Action Pact at Rock the Riles 2009 1
Zach Lucero and the Action Pact

I’ve been listening to the songs in the album in MySpace. My favorites are: “Matina Town Square” where Sarah Marco of Taken by Cars sang with Zach, “Fall Crash Infect” (featuring Marie Jamora – guest vocals), and “Super Poke” (featuring Ene Lagunzad, Lourd De Veyra and Micaela Benedicto – guest vocals). Generally, I like all the songs but these three songs are my personal favorites. 🙂

Debutante by Musical O

Another album that I missed buying this year is Debutante by Musical O. Also, I want to watch them live on-stage.

A Day for the Absent by Outerhope

I’ve been hearing people raving about how Outerhope is good. Too bad I was not able to catch them perform live yet. Anyway Outerhope is Micaela Benedicto (keyboards,vocals) and Michael Benedicto (guitars, vocals). Check out their MySpace and listen to some of their songs. From their MySpace playlist, my favorites are: “Twenty Years From Now”, and “Anna Gabrielle”. 😀

The First Album by Corporate Lo-Fi

The first time I watched Corporate Lo-Fi live is in a Jack Daniel’s event. They are a nine-piece hip-hop super group. Listen to their songs in MySpace. 🙂 My favorite tracks from their playlist are: “One Music”, “You and Me”, and “Hunt me Down”.

Touch by Techy Romantics

Techyromantics at Duster's Gucci Gang Video Launch 3

I first watched them live at Cubao X. Listen to some of their songs in MySpace. My top pick from their MySpace playlist is Photos Fade.

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