Agno – (1) Food street; (2) The official smoke belching area.

The Origin of the definition food street
Agno was originally referred to as food street by one of my blockmates. Agno is known to be the haven of popular food treats such as shawarma, footlong, grilled hamburgers, isaw, kikiam, taco salad, fishball, dirty ice cream, and even taho. Other than the merienda treats are the combo rice meals offered by Ate Em, Tolits, and others. Here, you could find rice meals as low as 30 pesos which is even cheaper than my transportation expense of going to school.

Below here is the profile of the famous Agno vendors:
Vendor 1: Ate Em’s specialties are pink sago and gulaman, taco salad, korean beef, clubhouse sandwich, ham and cheese roll, pasta, etc. Among all the vendors at Agno, Ate Em provides a customized packaging. They use styrofoam for food packaging that has a label on it.
Vendor 2: Tolits, also known as Lito, is very popular among the people of Agno Republic. Their menu includes kikiam, shawarma, shawarma rice, cordon bleu, siomai, etc. Also, Tolits has always a stock of Mang Tomas – The All Around Sarsa.
Vendor 3: Grills on Wheels. I do not know the name of the vendor but they are known as Grills on Wheels. They are the only ones who sell isaw. Among the favorites here of the students are the affordable rice meals. Also, they have the best sauce for liempo (soy sauce with vinegar, chilli pepper and onions)
Vendor 4: Aladdin Shawarma. He is the newest among the vendors at Agno. But, I think that the name Aladdin Shawarma should be changed to Genie Shawarma. It is because that the picture at his cart is Genie.
Vendor 5: The Vendor beside Tolits. She is known to be Tolit’s great competitor for she also sells siomai rice. She is also competing with the Grills on Wheels for she also sells hamburgers and other sandwiches.

The Official Smoke Belching Area
The official smoke belching area at Agno is bounded by the yellow line which means that if a smoke belcher goes beyond it, the appropriate sanction is given to the offendor.

The People of Agno
The usual Agno residents are those who walked the corridors of Velasco, Gokongwei, Miguel, SJ Hall, STRC, and Sports Complex.
The famous people who walked Agno (the one that I actually saw) are Chantal Umali (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Hotdog Commercial Model), Shaira Luna (Promil Gifted Child), and TJ Cruz (Ang TV Kid). Other prominent people that walked the streets of Agno are the Green Archers and the Lady Archers.

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