About Rocker’s World
No! This is not a community website. This is a personal blog and website of Karla Redor. Also, this website is not only made for rockers. I came up with the site name because of my exposure to the local indie scene. In a way, this site has become my means of showing support to the various bands/artists from the local indie scene.

About the Blogger
Karla Redor. I’m a banker and I’m with one of the top banks in the Philippines. Graduated from De La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management. Part of the ultimate trio way back in High School. The other two of the ultimate trio consists of Ruth and Rondz. Interests includes blogging, coffee, photography, user experience, user interface design, jump rope, music, playing the guitar, and gigs.


  • I learned to play the guitar when I was 12 years old.
  • I don’t watch TV that much but I became addicted to The Simpsons and Wonder Years.
  • During my bum days, I watched FRIENDS everyday. Thanks to the pirates of Makati Cinema Square!
  • I had bangs in high school and grade school. I only changed my hairstyle when I reached college.
  • I’m not comfortable with pointy shoes and high-heeled shoes. I don’t want to endanger myself with the possibility of acquiring a sprain that’s why I don’t wear one. I only wore the pointy killer shoes during my graduation day and it killed my feet.
  • I was considered to be a geek and a teacher’s pet in High School.
  • I really don’t like drinking soda.
  • I don’t eat bitter gourd.
  • I became a guitarist for a church band.
  • Soy Sauce mixed with Calamansi is my favorite condiment.
  • I only use catsup for french fries and embutido.
  • I almost got stuck in a mosh pit in the 2001 NU107 Rock Awards. Good thing my guy friends were there to pull me out (one of them is UDJ))
  • I had my first fifteen minutes of fame at Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel.

Meet my Family
Dad – His name is Emerson. He is known by the nickname Sonny by his relatives, friends and colleagues. He is the one who gave me the name Karla Vanessa. He gave me the name Karla because of him being somewhat of a leftist (Read: Karl Marx). The name Vanessa came from some Hollywood actress named Vanessa Redgrave. My Dad’s favorite band is The Beatles. Like my Dad, I’m a Beatles fan too. His hometown is in Siniloan, Laguna where our forefathers from the Redor side came from.

Mom – She is called by the nickname Gigi by her relatives, friends and colleagues. I really wonder how my Mom got the nickname Gigi since it’s very far from her real name. Mom’s playlist would likely contain Latino music, Bossanova, and other soothing music. My Mom likes Michael Buble. Any music that is alternative rock or something that belongs to rock is noise for her. She cooks great food and she hails from Bulacan (home of the famous 5 star and the great Chicharon).

Kuya Jay –  Some of his friends call him Jay while others refer to him as Greg. My cousins from the father side would call him Jay Jay. He is an IT professional and he has four kids. My brother is my ultimate influence in playing the guitar and he loves rock music. He has my Urban Dub CD (the first album), and my Cattski CD (their EP) and both of the CDs haven’t reached my hands yet. He is addicted to Boxing, Yahoo Fantasy Sports (Basketball and Baseball in particular), NBA, and Basketball. He is also pursuing his dream of becoming a rockstar.

Claudia – Her High School friends call her Cleng while her College friends would call her Claude. She took Management of Financial Institutions at De la Salle University. She showed me the world of MIRC–the part of the web that I was ignorant about. She influenced me playing trivias over the IRC and I was hooked into it for some time. She is naturally vain simply because she likes taking picture of herself and she even has a folder in her cellphone dedicated to her vanity.