A Tribute to Chico Molina

Chico Molina at PULP Summer Slam 2003

Chico Molina, J-Hoon Balbuena and me at PULP Summer Slam 2003

Last night, a friend from Grabeh.Com told me that Chico Molina of Kapatid died. And I was totally shocked about it. Imagine, Chico is so young to die. He could have contributed more in the music scene and even in the art scene as well having seen one of Chico’s artwork in charcoal at BigSkyMind just last year.
During the PULP Summer Slam 3 was my first encounter with Chico Molina, Kapatid’s former guitarist. I cannot forget how he likes to be in front of the camera when I approached them at the PULP Summer Slam 3. Time flies fast, and so is life. To Kapatid Chico, thank you for making great music.

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