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Just this evening, I received an e-mail from one of my classmates in college. She sent a copy of the speech of Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J. The speech is entitled “Choose to Care and Hope”. He, being an Atenean in the midst of La Sallians, has certainly raised a few eyebrows even before he started speaking in our Commencement Exercises held last October 9 at the PICC Plenary Hall. In his speech, he mentioned Guy Kawasaki.

Guy Kawasaki was a former Apple fellow. He was the one responsible for the marketing of Macintosh. In 1995, he delivered a speech at Palo Alto High School entitled “Hindsights”.

The Hindsights that he mentioned in his speech are:

#10: Live off your parents as long as possible.

#9: Pursue joy, not happiness.

#8: Challenge the known and embrace the unknown

#7: Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.

#6: Continue to learn.

#5: Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself.

Before I continue, I found a rather amusing quote in his speech:

“Frankly, smoking, drugs, alcohol–and using an IBM PC–are signs of stupidity. End of discussion.”

Of course, why would he promote IBM if he was a former Apple fellow? That would just be plain hypocrisy. Now, let’s proceed.

#4: Don’t get married too soon.

#3: Play to win and win to play.

#2: Obey the absolutes.

#1: Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.

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