Sidewalks by Story of the Year

This song by Story of the Year (or SOTY) is included in One Tree Hill’s OST (Original Soundtrack) and is a part of their album Page Avenue which was released in 2003 under Maverick Records. It’s number 40 in the US Modern Rock charts in 2004. Aside from these facts, this is the most played song in my MP3 player and my favorite song from the soundtrack of One Tree Hill. 😀

Since I do not have the other songs from the Page Avenue album, I could not say that this is the best but based from the listener reviews in Amazon, I’ve been seeing that there are great feedbacks on this song.

The lyrics of Sidewalks makes use of metaphors and I find the song very deep and emotional. I love how the song was arranged. It was arranged to make you understand and feel the lyrics. Continue reading “Sidewalks by Story of the Year”

Interviewed by Nina

Nina of JustWandering.Org just interviewed me (of course I volunteered myself to be interviewed hehehe 😀 ).

1. When and where was your most memorable holiday?

Crowne Plaza

My most memorable holiday (actually it’s not really a holiday but a business trip 😀 ) is when I went to Hainan, China. It was February during that time. It was so unforgettable because of the language barrier. Continue reading “Interviewed by Nina”

Postrio Cakes and Pastries

Cafe Mocha and Chocolate Decadence

Postrio is my new coffee shop discovery in Cebu City. It’s located just in front of the hotel where I was staying (Golden Prince Hotel). After having my dinner at the Ayala Center, I decided to hang out there for a while. Having coffee was only my plan but I felt that I have to taste the Chocolate Decadence cake as per recommendation of one of the staff there. 😀 Continue reading “Postrio Cakes and Pastries”

Shrek 3

And yes, green is cool and the ogre is back! Haha 😀 After the Spider-man 3 era, Shrek 3 occupied three out of the five Greenbelt 3 Cinemas. Of course, I can see something like this coming. It’s surely another blockbuster hit. If you are into 3D animation and character design, you should watch this film. You will be truly inspired to enhance your skills and your creativity as well. Also, if you are into funny movies, you should watch it. Continue reading “Shrek 3”

Went out and voted

Armed with my voter’s ID, I went out with my brother to vote at the F. Serrano Elementary School. I had a hard time looking for the room of my precinct. It was unorganized and it spelled the word chaos in my mind. I asked every poll watcher around and I found out that there’s a Manila paper posted near the entrance of the public school. The Manila paper contained information on the rooms with the following precinct numbers. Apparently, someone was blocking the precinct number of the room where I was supposed to go. Continue reading “Went out and voted”

Epiphone Les Paul

My friend Vida is selling her Epiphone Les Paul guitar for 15,000 pesos (negotiable). And I am tempted to buy the guitar because it’s a really nice electric guitar. Who does not want to have an Epiphone guitar anyway? Epiphone is written in history. Its history dates back to the 1870s.

It’s not practical for me to buy an electric guitar. First, I do not have a band and I do not have the luxury of time to be in a band. Of course, I would invest in this guitar if I have a band. In fact, Paul McCartney of The Beatles still uses his Epiphone Casino guitar according to the Epiphone Wikipedia entry. Ace Frehley of KISS used an Epiphone Les Paul. John Connolly and Vince Hornsby of Sevendust have been endorsers of Epiphone guitars. Also, Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance uses an Epiphone Les Paul. Continue reading “Epiphone Les Paul”