It’s a Fire Dog Year

The year 2006 is the Fire Dog year. In SM Makati last Saturday, everyone was panic buying of candies that will be placed on each of their center tables at home. They say that it’s a sign of good luck. Then, everyone may have received a tikoy from a friend or got their own tikoy and eat it during midnight of the Chinese New Year. So why you should eat tikoy first? My brother told me that we should eat tikoy first so that luck would stick to us. And all of these has brought me back to the memories of the movie called Feng Shui where the Billboard Star slash game show host slash Hello Kitty lover is the lead actress. Furthermore, it has lead me to the funniest bootleg DVD of a horror movie that I’ve seen. Once again, it is the film Feng Shui where bottles of Red Horse beer caused the death of Lotlot de Leon who is born on the Horse Year. In that bootleg cover that I was pertaining to earlier, I’ve seen Kris Aquino smiling as if she’s hallucinating that she’s in Game Ka na Ba where as she’s supposed to be fearing of Lotus Feet. That really got me laughing. I’d be all the more glad to hunt down the most unusual bootleg DVD covers in town. I tell you, once you see one, you’ll look for more. And also, it’s a great way to release stress. Hehehe!

Autodesk Asia Pacific Design Competition 2005

I got my newsletter from Autodesk and I was able to read about the Asia Pacific Design Competition. They’ve announced the winners for the regional level already. I browsed through this link since I was curious if someone from the Philippines is included. Congratulations to Denin So Sy of Denway Steel Works. He topped the Commercial BSD (Building Solutions Division) category for the ASEAN Region. He must have done the design with Autodesk Revit and then he may have rendered it using Viz Render as what I’ve seen from the image from the aforementioned link.

YouTube Test

I’ve uploaded this last year at YouTube. This came from my phone which explains why the video is not “clean”. This is my nephew Justin. He does the Coke Ko To move. It’s been almost a year since I visited the aforementioned site. I got back there when someone made a comment there. So if you’re going to put a YouTube video on your entry, make sure that you update your profile and uncheck the use the rich text editor. Your entry will go crazy if you used the HTML editor in the control panel.

The Rebirth of the Milkshake

Way back in college we would normally discuss something with regards to the fastfood chain giant that that has served billions worldwide. Be it about Grimace who became a popular topic in the PinoyExchange boards simply because there’s no specific food in McDonald’s associated with him. And we came up with some really weird theories about Grimace. The endless discussion about Grimace then led to the death of the Milkshake that was being served at McDonald’s. While I was walking past at McDonald’s Glorietta in Makati, I couldn’t believe what I saw on the menu. Hence, the rebirth of the milkshake. It’s like my taste buds has been resurrected for the want of sweets and to be more specific, the vanilla milkshake. Why do the milkshakes have to be revived in my time of self-mutilation of my previous bad diet habits? I guess I just have to control it. Anyway, I’m glad that my thesismate way back in college enjoyed it. I brought him the news about the greatest comeback of the comeback. And he brought me the news that it’s available at selected brances only. The other one is in SM Mega Mall and I’m not so sure about the other.

Pacquiao won!

Before we watched the TV for the Pacquiao Morales match, there are some people who were texting my brother. One said that Pacquiao lost. Meanwhile, the other one told him that he won. So, we really do not know who to believe. Then, my brother remembered that he has a friend that will watch the Pacquiao-Morales bout at SM Megamall and asked him which of the rumors are true. Well, none was true as of the moment since the match have not started yet. And when I checked out ABS-CBN (who postponed the showing of ASAP just for the boxing game and have made a lot of income today for advertising alone), it was about to start already. Lo and behold, I saw the Pacman with his colorful trousers. Yes, and it’s advertising. Even before the bell rang to signify the start of the game, my brother got a text message from his friend and told him that Pacquiao won at the 10th round. And this is the first time that Morales lost not because of a judicial decision. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao! And after this, let’s all go back to reality.

Konica Minolta Withdrawal Plan

I’ve posted about this at Litratista and this recent press release from Konica Minolta should be really disturbing to those who are using their products. They have just announced their plans of their withdrawal from the camera and photo business. But current users of Konica Minolta will still get customer support since Konica Minolta will consign customer service operations. As for the service of cameras Sony will implement it. And this got me into thinking, customer support as in call center? And if it should be a call center, which one?

Alter Bridge

I’m not sure if you have heard of Alter Bridge already. I just got acquainted with their music in the latter part of 2005. And their only song that I’ve heard is Open Your Eyes. I’ve learned from my officemate that it’s the new Creed. Well, they are not definitely like the new Creed however, Alter Bridge is like Creed minus the vocalist Scott Stapp. Alter Bridge is Mark Tremonti (guitarist) Scott Phillips (drummer) Brian Marshall (bassist–original Creed’s bassist), and Myles Kennedy (vocalist). Myles does not sound like Scott. And I agree with the author of this article that he somewhat sounds like Chris Cornell of Audioslave. Alter Bridge remains to be a Christian band just like its predecessor.

Their debut album, One Day Remains has been a certified Gold Record in the US. The said album includes the following tracks: Open Your Eyes, Find the Real, One Day Remains, Burn it Down, Metalingus, Broken Wings, In Loving Memory, Down to my Last, Watch your Words, Shed my Skin (included in the Fantastic Four Soundtrack), and The End is Here. You can listen to their music here. Read more for the lyrics of Open Your Eyes and be inspired by their music. Continue reading “Alter Bridge”

The Rock as Johnny Bravo?

Can you ever imagine Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing as Johnny Bravo? Just take a look at this picture. The personality that The Rock has been portraying in his past films is way different from Johnny Bravo’s character. Johnny Bravo is so narcissistic and can you just imagine The Rock doing Johnny’s moves in impressing a woman? Well, yeah, he could do the moves in the WWF but it’s still different. Imagine him doing it in front of the ladies. I don’t know if I’ll laugh or I’ll throw up because of this.