I was on TV

I was on TV last night. That was the first fifteen minutes of fame. That could have been the only media exposure in my entire life and I was not able to see it. After our family Boracay getaway, I mentioned having encountered the dynamic duo, Maverick and Ariel. It was supposed to be aired last week (August 20). However, it was moved to August 27. When my Dad got the text message from his officemate and tuned in the TV, I said,

“Di na natin naabutan, yan na yung after ng shoot ng henna segment”

My sister was not able to see it too since she was at Lau’s birthday. Well, everybody else saw it except for us.

Macro Day

Interested in taking pictures of small objects? Then you should take a peek at MacroDay. Like PhotoFriday, MacroDay has a challenge every week. Top three entries gets the recognition by having their links posted in the front page of the said website. You may want to check out the entries recognized for inspiration.

Want to learn more about an essential button that you may be able to find in you digital camera in taking sharp macro shots? Click here.

Tribute to Wolfmann

Born: November 17, 1976
Died: August 20, 2005
Age: 28

Wilfrid “Wilf”Hernandez is Wolfmann. He is behind the yummy electronica album dubbed as Diner where you may have heard some of Globe ring back tunes of his songs Piniritong Dalagang Bukid, Fish n’ Chips and Baked Mussels. He was in a coma for two days due to aneurysm. Before this happened, I saw him at Six Underground at Kiko Machine’s Album Launch. His wake is at Funeria Paz Manila Memorial Park along Sucat Road. A Mass will be held this Wednesday night and Funeral rites will be on Thursday at 9 a.m. Wilf, thanks for your contribution in the local electronica scene. You’ll surely be missed.


Ely Buendia and PupilEly Buendia has a new band and its name is Pupil. I was able to catch them play for the first time at Kiko Machine’s Bar Tour at 6 Underground. The remaining members of the pencil-brand-inspired band decided to form a new band after they disbanded last May 2005. Pupil consists of Bogs Jugo, Dok Sergio, Ely Buendia, and Yan Yuzon (starred in Sponge Cola’s Gemini music video). Pupil holds a regular monthly production dubbed as Livestock which is held every last Saturday of the month. They either play at Saguijo or at Gweilo’s Eastwood. In their monthly production they usually play with bands like Sponge Cola, Kiko Machine, Menaya, Tawo, Sleepyheads and more. Check out Pupil’s Official Website for more information on the band.

Conti’s Branching Out

Good news for the people from the northern side of the metro. Indeed, Conti’s is branching out. In fact, they do have a branch at Connecticut Street in Greenhills (beside Belo’s clinic), San Juan. I got this news from the manager (which happens to be my neighbor) of Conti’s Paranaque Branch which is located at BF Homes Commercial Center (near Starbucks, Jollibee, and Mercury Drug). And this is due to the public demand from those who have visited Conti’s. Still, word-of-mouth has proven to be effective especially when the food tastes really good. Aside from cakes and pastries, they also serve Filipino and International cuisine. You might want to try their ribeye steak which is the newest entree in their menu.

Kiko Machine Bar Tour

Kiko MachineI went to Kiko Machine’s album bar tour at 6 Underground last night and it was a blast. It is located at the basement of the Glass Tower at C. Palanca Street in Makati City. The event was hosted by Meh of Matilda and Roma (friend of the band). I was only able to watch Calories, Jumbolilith, Kiko Machine and Pupil (Ely Buendia’s new band) perform. Their album is independently produced and is being distributed by Star Records. Kiko Machine is a UP-based band. They’re known for their witty but funny songs. Aside from that, they’re also known for having a bassist that would refuse to perform without his Spidey suit on. Their bassist, who is known by the nickname of Spider Dan, is my high school batchmate. He always performs with his Spidey costume on. For their album tour, they have a themed costume. They’re like F1 racers that are supporting Bandai. For more Kiko Machine pictures, click the picture to bring you to my flickr page.


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