Unexpectedly Sentimental

There are some songs that sounds heavy on the guitars and the drums but when you listen at the lyrics closely, then you’ll find it sentimental. Love songs are stereotyped to be as slow and mellow where the guitars should not use effects like Distortion, Overdrive, Flanger, Metal Zone and such. But then, there are love songs that are not the typical ones.
One example is Taning (from the album Take 2–to be released) by Imago. Taning is about two people that are about to break up in a relationship. Another example is Prom (from the Album Dramachine–released) by Sugar Free. It is about someone that is so much into his prom date. In addition to that is Gone by Urbandub. Gone is about someone who has just broken up from a relationship where he/she is expressing that it is hard for him/her to move on.
The heavy guitars, drums and bass lines may seem odd to others. However, the heavy sound just describes the emotion being portrayed by the song itself.

The Redor Band

Lance and Justin

Upon arriving home, I had a little conversation with my brother.

Kuya: Nakakatawa talaga yang sina Justin and Lance. Kanina kasi tumutugtog ako ng gitara tapos sabi ni Lance..

Lance: tugtog ako drums daddy!

After that, my brother heard the thumping noise coming from the venetian blinds. Then he asked Lance,

Kuya: Ano ginagawa mo?

Lance: Nagdadrums.

Then, as my brother turned to look at Justin, he saw Justin headbanging. Hehe. And mind you, they are only about to turn 4 years old. Hehe.

UP Manila College of Medicine Battle of the Bands

Me and my friend were invited to judge the UP Manila College of Medicine Battle of the Bands. The event was called as FATE (Friday at the East). The said event was organized by the MSS (Medical Students Society).
There was a band whose name that caught my attention. Hehe. The band’s name is Bandolph. Haha. I was thinking if this is pun intended or not. This is because that a few days ago, the actor Vandolph (son of Comedy King Dolphy and the Lovely Ness Alma Moreno) had a car accident again. And this time, the car involved is a Ford Expedition. According to the news, three bottles of beer were found inside the car. I guess this is another case of getting-drunk-and-driving car accident.

Makati Tripping

While me and my friends are outside The Coffee Bean at Greenbelt 3 last Saturday, I took a picture of the busy Makati Avenue.

The busy Makati Avenue

After hanging around at The Coffee Bean for the longest time, I met up with some of my friends for the birthday celebration of Donna. She treated us at Don Henrico’s.

Fighting over the last bite of mozarella

Sibol Award

We were encouraged by our department chair to join the 2004 National Inventor Contest. The category that we will be joining is the Outstanding Student Creative Research which is known as the Sibol Award. Sibol Award is open to both High School and College students.
Deadline for submitting the requirements is on September 15. The finalists will be notified before the exhibit date and the finalists will be given the chance to exhibit their working prototypes. The National Inventors Week will be held at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) on November 11 to November 15, 2004.


Upon arrving at school, me and my thesismate went to the Faculty to look for our panel chair so that he could sign our Defense Approval Sheet. After signing it, he said:

Panel Chair: Napili yung thesis nyo na i-exhibit sa Festival Mall. Pag-usapan natin yung details bukas.

After he closed the door, surprise and excitement filled the air. I was not expecting something like this. In fact, I was expecting that the other group will be chosen. I felt honored and at the same time it was a humbling experience. I remembered one time when we were demonstrating our thesis to the visitor, the robot did not go to the spot where we specified it. Of course there is a scientific explanation for that.
As I walked the corridor of Velasco, I said to my thesismate:

Karla: Yes! Gagraduate na tayoooooh!!! Woohoooo!!! (louder than my normal voice but not loud to be heard at the whole 2nd floor of Velasco)

I almost jumped for joy. With the completion of signatures, I felt like a champion carrying an invisible trophy. The real trophy for this hard work is our diploma, which we will be receiving a month after the commencement exercises. And this is dedicated to God, my family and friends, to our mentor (our thesis adviser) who has helped us and supported us all throughout, and to all of you reading this.

Price to Pay

Yesterday, me, my friend and her uncle that does not look like her uncle (because he is younger than us), we went to Providence Tower to have our videoke session and our alcohol intake as well. There are now two classifications of the videoke rooms namely, VIP room and the regular room. Here is the difference that I have noticed:

VIP Room
Each song costs 10 pesos and the other benefits that you can enjoy by paying 10 pesos are:
1. Bigger space for you to dance, split, or tumble.
2. A large ashtray as well (read: ashtray = big space! got it?)
3. You will be able to feel that you are a perfect artist. (read: high score)

Regular Room
Each song costs 5 pesos. The price is indeed low compared to the first one. But then, you just have to get through all of this:
1. Smaller space (read: marketing strategy so that if you are a group of ten, you’ll just stay at the VIP room.
2. Smaller ashtray (read: ideal for non-smoking people)
3. You will be able to feel that you are no-good at all and that you won’t even have the slightest chance of getting into the elimination round of the singing contests in TV and even at barrio fiestas. (read: low score)

Yes, and that is the cost you have to pay. And now, it’s time for you to choose. It’s either to pay the song at double the price and enjoy cool benefits or either to degrade yourself by paying 5 pesos per song.